Hello! My name is Ioannis, and I am an experienced Software Developer.
If you are looking for a Senior Developer or Team Leader for your next awesome project, feel free to contact me!

I live in Thessaloniki, Greece and I am working remotely for the past 7+ years.

I have got a BSc degree in Computer Science, and I love working and experimenting with bleeding-edge technologies.

My mission is to provide appropriate solutions to all encountered challenges, using clean and efficient code.

Throughout my career I have worked with lots of different programming languages, platforms and frameworks on various projects and startups (EU and US based).

At the moment my tools of choice for Web development are Javascript (NodeJS on the backend, React on the frontend), Ruby on Rails, and Python.

On the devops side, I have got hands-on/production experience with AWS and Heroku services.

Keep an eye on the blog about stuff that I currently follow and enjoy working with, and of course thank you for visiting my site!